Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It's been along time since I written one so this blog will be two parts and tell whats been going on with pictures. First baby Cooper came to visit with his grandma Margo and Aunt Megan. Margo and Robs mom Karen were friends growing up, Rob and Margo's son Jeremy were friends growing up and now Margo's grand baby Cooper and Trey are friends. We all went out to eat and it was really awesome seeing three generations setting at one table!

Megen, Cooper and Trey eating dinner
Play time, under two allowed only!
Cooper is awesome, mom!
Mom is this how to put on my shoes!

I love On the Border!!

K-State beat KU in football, always a plus (unfortanlly we lost to MU, awalys a negative)

Mom and I raked the yard like five times!! we are a great team, I did most of the work (mom's kinda lazy)
Thats it for now.
Love ya,
Trey and Jess

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