Tuesday, October 13, 2009

pumpkin patch fun

Hey everybody ,
last week was fun for our family (the best part was I didn't get hurt at all). On Friday Trey went to Nana's and Grandpa's and Rob and I actually went on a date! We went to dinner and a movie, Zombie land funny but a little gross. Saturday, we just relaxed and took it easy. Trey, Judy and I took a trip to kohl's to get Trey some winter Jammie's he is already in 2T, the boy is huge! Judy got a new winter cSaturday night we hung out at home played cards with Emily and Dustin and did a little hot tubing, all in all a great night.
Sunday was really fun, we went to the animal farm and Trey loved the cows!!! we also stopped by the church pumpkin patch and everyone picked out a pumpkin. we have discovered that trey knows what sound a dog, cow, kitty and race car makes. It was a wonderful surprise and we think he learned it at daycare.
Monday we went to gymbree Trey was in put into the 16 to 22 month class and even though Trey had a really good time I don't think that he is ready for the class yet. So we may try again in a few months.
this week will be really low key since Rob will be out of town on a hunting trip Wenesday through Tuesday.

That's in for now, check out the funny video I made:

Here's some pictures from when Judy went to prom:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Steph and Josh's wedding, trip to the lake and softball!!

( above Emily is Rocking a lovely CSI pinball machine, because I know when I think horrific crime, I think triple bonus point)

Hello everybody,
As many of you know last week was not a fun week for me!!! I play catcher on our softball team and I jumped up to catch the ball and the (male) runner decided that I am a huge threat and rammed into me, fracturing my arm. I didn't know it was fractured (Rob kept telling me it was bruised and to stop being a baby) so I didn't go to the doctor till the next day, it was one of the most painful nights of my life! I've had it in a sling since Monday and tomorrow I go get it x-ray'ed to see where they want to go next, breaking your arm is extra fun with a 14 month baby. So Sunday night I'm not playing because of my arm, but I do go to the field to watch Rob and the team play. I'm walking away from the ball field to Trey's toy bat when I hear "heads up" so I look up to see where the foul ball is so that I can move. You know what I saw? The ball, wham right in the forehead. I have a huge goose egg right above my eyebrow. So in conclusion who ever has the voodoo doll of me "I'M SORRY" please don't hurt me anymore!
On to some pictures:

Trey and I at the farmers market we just started eating organic.
1. this is a watermelon not a pickle 2. they are not doing anything inappropriate Dustin!!

Emily striking a pose with the band and 85% of Dustin's groomsman! (she wanted me to throw this picture away)

Doesn't Trey look like a baby Harry potter, thanks for the outfit GGG ( Gorgeous great grandma wales)

I'm ready for my shoot Trya, ANTM here I come!!!

Give me the thing that light comes out of mommy

Here are our two team mascots: Mr. T and and Emer's the winner!!

In September our good friends Stephanie and Josh got married, Rob had the honer of being asked to be a groomsmen and all the guest had the honer of watching Trey get down on the dance floor. He was a ladies man that night! Trey didn't do so hot while the ceremony was being preformed his thought pattern was, " Mommy were outside, why are we setting and why doesn't the pretty lady in the white dress answer when I yell at her? " needless to say we had to step aside for a while.