Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm going going back back to Cali Cali

HI! we have been busy! This blog will be told from Treys.
Mom and I went to the huge place with a ton of people she called it the mall, I called it "don't you have enough clothes already women!" but I did get to ride the merry go round I love that thing, I always pick a horse.
I always pick a horse, I love the horse! Enough with the pictures already mom, I want to enjoy the ride!
The reason we went to the mall was that mom wanted to do something fun with me before my surgery. I have had ear infections for about a year now and Its made all of us very unhappy. So the doctor said that I need tubes and my adenoids removed. Everything went really well.
Extreme close up! The surgery went great and I have not had an ear infection for about a month now! Now when I get sick mom and day say, " Well at least it's not an ear infection."
When I felt better mom and dads friends Abbey and Derek came over to help dad open the pool. Abbey and Mom took me to the park and Dad and Derek opened the pool

No more pictures lady I will go all Shawn Penn on you! Don't I look like a movie star with my shades? Mom and I are parkaholics! We love the park.
Alright just start this thing up aunt Judy, hop on the back and we'll get going. Mom and Lauren went to the farmer market and I kept a look out for any good bargains! Oh I found one!

The next day we went to visit daddy at a chili cook off. It was so much fun! I love chili and got to try them all to see which one I liked the best.

then I went over to the wonderscope booth and made a hat. If you can't read my shirt it says Respect the Mohawk, read it, live it, love it.

We went into the bouncy house, I loved it.

I really liked the band and danced my pants off!mom and I flew to California to visit grandpa Davis and go to Stephanie's wedding! I was such a great trip. Although the plan ride there was not fun.
Since mom and I love parks we decided to go with grandpa to his favorite! Here's mom I guess she likes the slide as much as me.

Grandpa D. you are to big for the slide silly!

Here is mom and Steph, she was a really beautiful bride!
Do you like moms hair? I think that she is trying out for Rock of Love.Here are mom, Steph and marika getting ready for the wedding! It was a great day and I know that mom had a really good time.

We all went to the Sacramento Zoo, I loved it. I really liked the monkeys!
Whats in there Irena?

Here's me grandpa and Zoe, she is really fun although mom said that five years old ask a lot of questions.

I love Zoe.
Uncle Chris!

Here's me and Hannah!

Get up mom there are more animals to see.

Zoe got a little tired so I pushed her.

I tried to give Hannah a kiss but she wasn't having it. Oh well more fish in the sea.
Aunt Anna!

The ride home went much smoother. When I woke up I finished those cookies by the way.