Friday, June 26, 2009

Reeves family catch-up

I am starting this blog to keep friends and family members up to date on our lives' I will not lie, even as I write this I feel very self centred but... I am going to go with it.
As many of you know Rob and I have had a crazy year... almost a year ago we welcome both Trey and my sister Judy into our lives (both are doing well), last September we moved into our new house in Olathe, received new puppy Dr. Pepper last December, I got a new job as a vendor relations manager at Royal Mechanical services in April.

Spring and summer is always insane for Rob and I with all the birthdays, softball, BBQ's you get the picture. Rob turned 26 in April and I turned 27 last week.Last weekend we went on a canoe
trip it was fun but I am covered in bruises

For Rob's birthday the theme was Black and White party Casino night.. we even had dealers for all of the tables (black Jack, 3 card poker and roulette), I think everyone looked great and had a great time.

For my birthday Rob really surprised me with a Hawaiian theme. He did really good but as you can see he caught me kissing another date.

Trey is doing something new and exciting everyday, right now he is really into music, dancing, talking, walking, and making our house look like a tornado hit it. His favorite words are Mamma, dada, and babba. He also loves talking on the phone so feel free to call (don't get your feeling hurt though if the conversations a little one sided). He also got his first haircut, went to his first wedding, went to the park and has been having a great time swimming in the pool and hanging out with his Kayla and Dylan (oh the life of an 11 month old).

As for Judy shes has been a wonderful help, shes doing well in school (A and B) working as a waitress and doing great with the baby. She hasn't decided on a major yet but is leaning towards graphic design).

One last thing please keep Rob's Grandpa Clifford in your thoughts and prayers

Thanks, that all for now!