Monday, April 5, 2010

A wedding, a merbaby and a bunny

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and is doing well. March was a wonderful and full month for us. Our good friends got married on March 27Th and Rob and I were both in the wedding and Fritz's catered it.
Here are a few pictures from the rehearsal dinner and I will post more when from the ceremony (which was beautiful, in a different blog).

Here is a picture of Rob, Dustin the groom, Nate the best man, and Kurt an usher at the rehearsal dinner.

Her are all of the bride maids (noticed that we were organized enough to get a picture of all of us) and the bride in purple.
The day after the wedding we went to our friend Amanda's baby shower. Here is a picture of Mister and Amanda's niece looking out the window at downtown Kansas City.
The following Monday I was super excited because at NFM they had the Sony cybershot on sale for 50% off I was so excited I drove over right after work and bought it, so hopefully no more blurry pictures. Good bye Olympus.
Easter morning Trey started the morning off with a healthy breakfast of candy and was very excited about his presents (an Easter bunny mister potato head and a new squirt gun for the pool). He can not wait till we open the pool next weekend and he can try it out on his dad.
Trey and daddy getting ready for Easter, they ended up changing ( their matching suits were a little to formal for Easter around here).

Trey's trying to decide what to do with the Easter egg.
So what are we doing out here mom?

Trey loved the Easter egg hunt and was disappointed when he couldn't find anymore outside. Just a tip it is a good idea to look for Easter eggs on Easter, it is a bad idea to look for Easter eggs on Christmas.

They had some pretty good competition though (Kayla and Dylan)
After dinner we all sat on the patio and talked, all in all it was a wonderful Easter.
Trey couldn't stay long. He had to take a call.

What do you think of Treys new motorcycle? J/K this is Robs.

Monday Trey started swim lessons at the YMCA. He is doing wonderful!