Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just an update

Today I am going to write a little about Trey and then focus on a special guest...

We are in the beginning stages of potty training, scary I know! I Trey just got a new little potty about a week ago and every night and morning we make him sit on it for a little while not expecting much, and to our surprise he went potty. I was so happy he got a cookie!!! I know what a lot of you are thinking "potty training at fourteen months, a little early". Well a few weeks ago Trey started taking off his diaper in his sleep. I told one of my coworkers about it and he said his daughter did that when she wanted to potty train, I did a little research and everything said the same thing they want to potty train. The other scary thing we are doing is the 30Th no more Bottle!!! I am not looking forward to this, but its time.
Picture of Treys new Potty:

Alright now for the guest spotlight!! My grandma wales!! My grandpa and her just moved to Arizona to become snowbirds!!! Go grandma get your tan on.

I wanted to tell two funny stories about her as many of you know my grandma is a trained pianist so when I was younger she took me to a few of her gigs..

When I was about eleven years old my grandma took me to a compound called " the fellowship of friends " at the time I thought it was really neat they had grapevines everywhere since they made their own wine. It was the first naked man statue I have ever seen!! When I was older I found out that the " fellowship of friends" is a cult! Yes my grandma took me to a cult. I know that she is rolling her eyes right now.

The second story was when she played in a Catholic church. My family is Presbyterian so I have never been in a catholic church before. Well I was about eight years old and pretty board so I started wondering around. I went and talked to the priest in the confessional, that was entertaining we talked about my new dog " Gremlin" and then after I went and lit all of the candles. My grandma caught me in the middle of this and needless to say she made a fairly large donation to the church that day. That was the last gig I was allowed to go on.

Love you grams!!!
More pictures next week!!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor day weekend

Hey everybody every year for labor day weekend we go up to Rob's grandparents house for a pig roast!! The whole town comes out (all 100 of them) to celebrate. It's a really fun time. This year it was to cold to go to the lake but we all had a good time anyways.

This picture is really hard to see but its of Mike playing with the Moonshiners Social Club (Rob's Grandparents band). I hope Rob and I will get a new digital camera soon. I can not tell you how much I miss having one. I hate disposables. When Rob's dad Bob was little all of the family played music together, usually during labor day they will all get up on stage and play at least one song, the one below is of Rob's aunt Dottie, Uncle Larry and Bob (once again hard to see). Between the Reeves and my grandma Judy (A very talented Pianist) it's no wonder Trey loves music so much!

Trey went crazy for the music the first picture is of him two stepping with his Nana

Taking a break (he was pretty tired)

Then Mikaela

Then Mikaela and me took a twirl
Every year we have celebrity guest Dolly Parton had her sister Stella (Rob's grandma and her best friend).
The Guys carving the pig

The Pig coming out of the smoker

Trey and Daddy

Trey hanging out with Kurt, making some important calls.

That's it for now Thanks for tuning in.
Love ya,