Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor day weekend

Hey everybody every year for labor day weekend we go up to Rob's grandparents house for a pig roast!! The whole town comes out (all 100 of them) to celebrate. It's a really fun time. This year it was to cold to go to the lake but we all had a good time anyways.

This picture is really hard to see but its of Mike playing with the Moonshiners Social Club (Rob's Grandparents band). I hope Rob and I will get a new digital camera soon. I can not tell you how much I miss having one. I hate disposables. When Rob's dad Bob was little all of the family played music together, usually during labor day they will all get up on stage and play at least one song, the one below is of Rob's aunt Dottie, Uncle Larry and Bob (once again hard to see). Between the Reeves and my grandma Judy (A very talented Pianist) it's no wonder Trey loves music so much!

Trey went crazy for the music the first picture is of him two stepping with his Nana

Taking a break (he was pretty tired)

Then Mikaela

Then Mikaela and me took a twirl
Every year we have celebrity guest Dolly Parton had her sister Stella (Rob's grandma and her best friend).
The Guys carving the pig

The Pig coming out of the smoker

Trey and Daddy

Trey hanging out with Kurt, making some important calls.

That's it for now Thanks for tuning in.
Love ya,

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