Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just an update

Today I am going to write a little about Trey and then focus on a special guest...

We are in the beginning stages of potty training, scary I know! I Trey just got a new little potty about a week ago and every night and morning we make him sit on it for a little while not expecting much, and to our surprise he went potty. I was so happy he got a cookie!!! I know what a lot of you are thinking "potty training at fourteen months, a little early". Well a few weeks ago Trey started taking off his diaper in his sleep. I told one of my coworkers about it and he said his daughter did that when she wanted to potty train, I did a little research and everything said the same thing they want to potty train. The other scary thing we are doing is the 30Th no more Bottle!!! I am not looking forward to this, but its time.
Picture of Treys new Potty:

Alright now for the guest spotlight!! My grandma wales!! My grandpa and her just moved to Arizona to become snowbirds!!! Go grandma get your tan on.

I wanted to tell two funny stories about her as many of you know my grandma is a trained pianist so when I was younger she took me to a few of her gigs..

When I was about eleven years old my grandma took me to a compound called " the fellowship of friends " at the time I thought it was really neat they had grapevines everywhere since they made their own wine. It was the first naked man statue I have ever seen!! When I was older I found out that the " fellowship of friends" is a cult! Yes my grandma took me to a cult. I know that she is rolling her eyes right now.

The second story was when she played in a Catholic church. My family is Presbyterian so I have never been in a catholic church before. Well I was about eight years old and pretty board so I started wondering around. I went and talked to the priest in the confessional, that was entertaining we talked about my new dog " Gremlin" and then after I went and lit all of the candles. My grandma caught me in the middle of this and needless to say she made a fairly large donation to the church that day. That was the last gig I was allowed to go on.

Love you grams!!!
More pictures next week!!


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