Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Steph and Josh's wedding, trip to the lake and softball!!

( above Emily is Rocking a lovely CSI pinball machine, because I know when I think horrific crime, I think triple bonus point)

Hello everybody,
As many of you know last week was not a fun week for me!!! I play catcher on our softball team and I jumped up to catch the ball and the (male) runner decided that I am a huge threat and rammed into me, fracturing my arm. I didn't know it was fractured (Rob kept telling me it was bruised and to stop being a baby) so I didn't go to the doctor till the next day, it was one of the most painful nights of my life! I've had it in a sling since Monday and tomorrow I go get it x-ray'ed to see where they want to go next, breaking your arm is extra fun with a 14 month baby. So Sunday night I'm not playing because of my arm, but I do go to the field to watch Rob and the team play. I'm walking away from the ball field to Trey's toy bat when I hear "heads up" so I look up to see where the foul ball is so that I can move. You know what I saw? The ball, wham right in the forehead. I have a huge goose egg right above my eyebrow. So in conclusion who ever has the voodoo doll of me "I'M SORRY" please don't hurt me anymore!
On to some pictures:

Trey and I at the farmers market we just started eating organic.
1. this is a watermelon not a pickle 2. they are not doing anything inappropriate Dustin!!

Emily striking a pose with the band and 85% of Dustin's groomsman! (she wanted me to throw this picture away)

Doesn't Trey look like a baby Harry potter, thanks for the outfit GGG ( Gorgeous great grandma wales)

I'm ready for my shoot Trya, ANTM here I come!!!

Give me the thing that light comes out of mommy

Here are our two team mascots: Mr. T and and Emer's the winner!!

In September our good friends Stephanie and Josh got married, Rob had the honer of being asked to be a groomsmen and all the guest had the honer of watching Trey get down on the dance floor. He was a ladies man that night! Trey didn't do so hot while the ceremony was being preformed his thought pattern was, " Mommy were outside, why are we setting and why doesn't the pretty lady in the white dress answer when I yell at her? " needless to say we had to step aside for a while.

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