Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fall part two

All right everybody here is part two of the blog. I also want to tell some funny random information. As many of you know I really like to shop, but I am trying to become a frugalista. So I have become a coupon clipper. Here are some good websites below, but remember to set up a junk e-mail account..

This year I got all of my Christmas photo cards for free from one of these blogs. The down side is it is time consuming, it takes a long time to go to the different sites and find the right coupons, find the correct item at the store and then when you get to the ready to pay your that person in the line (and if your like me you have to dig through your coin purse and people are like " Happy Hanukkah " and you say "I'm not Jewish" and their like "could have fooled me.")

Another random event:

One night rob and I were quite sad, you see K-State had just lost to MU Rob and I thought that nothing was going to cheer us up but then on the drive home we saw this randomly parked in the Walgreen's parking lot!! So I had to take a picture in front of the ghostbusters car!! On thanksgiving day we all went over to Robs grandma's house to eat and after we all of us girls played rummy.

Kayla, Karen and Judy ( I think Judy was trying to look at Karen's cards)

Rando (My mom) in the picture with Kayla and Dylan

the Schmidt family, and Dylans bag of gold.

On Friday my mom and I went and saw Wicked it was really good I would recommend it to anyone.

And the highlight of the weekend Disney on Ice! Trey loved it and it was really awesome for us after when he took a three hour nap.


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