Sunday, December 27, 2009


Man I really need to keep up on these. This has been a busy month for us but a really good one. Christmas was wonderful this year. When Rob and I got married we couldn't afford the top half of my wedding ring. Christmas eve Rob woke me up, gave me the top half of my ring and re proposed. I am hard to surprise (since I am a snooper) and I was totally amazed, he is so romantic. Trey got a new Trike and Rob a new watch. I also got a new Flip cam soooo get ready for some videos. Trey is getting so big the other day I caught him down in the basement pretending to eat dinner it was so cute, he is also sleeping in a toddler bed, and today he came home from Nana's knowing where his nose is!

Sisters ( Anna you need to photoshop yourself in here)

Our Charlie Brown tree. (the star was to heavy for it)
Trey checking out his new ride, Grandpa warm up your motercycle I'm ready to roll.Super fly Mr. T in his Kangel hat, ya G.
I don't have to tell you why he is making this face.

Where's my dad? It's game time. Go Wild cats.

Trey wearing Mommy's shoes.

Video of Mister Christmas morning playing with his toys.


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