Monday, November 2, 2009


Hey everybody ( I love writing that, it reminds me of the Simpson's),
So I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!! The Reeves family had a blast! We finally got a new digital camera last Wednesday, it's waterproof! So next summer when we're hanging by the pool Rob and I do not have to worry about the camera at all. Then on Thursday we carved pumpkins. Rob was the wildcat (shocking I know), I was the skull (also shocking), and Trey was the monster. I would love to say that we did this for Trey but the truth is Trey went to bed and Rob and I stayed up carving the pumpkins. Friday was Dill Pills birthday party ( The big six'er) over at Bob and Karen's. So we went over to their house and had some cake and watched Dill Pickle open his presents, Rob and I got him some new goosebumps books. how cool is it that their is still at least one kid out there that asks for books for his birthday. Saturday was the big day for us. Nana and grandpa came over to pass out candy while mommy and daddy went trick or treating with "Max, King of the Wild Things" (AKA Trey). We only went around the block but a good time was had by all. After Trey went home with Nana and Grandpa, Rob and I went out with a group of friends. We rented a limo and went down town. It was really fun and our costumes were a big hit, we were Mr. and Mrs. Hambugler.

The highlight of the night was when Rob talked Kurt into going through the McDonald's Drive through and ordering 10 hamburgers. Rob got out of the car and hid, then when the worker was about to hand Kurt the bag Rob ran by and grab it shouting " the Hamburgler Strikes again!!" Good times and now for something completely different.

Our pumpkins (The half black one on the top step is the one that Rob payed 16 dollars for and was rotten in a week.)

Dill pill and Trey hanging out with Grandpa at Dylan birthday party

King Max and Mommy getting ready to go Trick or Treating!!

King Max and Daddy (Trying to pry daddy away from the K-state game to go Trick or Treating)

I'm a model you know what I mean and I do my little turn on the catwalk!

The hambugler's, waiting for the Limo to arrive (don't worry grandma that's an energy drink in my hand not a beer)

The pirate couple, Lauren got extensions that day so all night long, "Look at my hair, look at my hair." Yes Lauren, it was long and glorious. Craig was the Whitest pimp in all the land, Emily was Cherry Darling from Plant Terror and Dustin was her Zombie of love, Kurt was count Dracula.

Thats all for now, see you next week.



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