Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Its your birthday get your grove on

Trey turns one Tomorrow. I can not believe how fast this first year has gone by (sigh, Tear). Trey turning one makes me not only pat myself on the back for getting through the first year but think what have I gotten myself into!!! J/K

I have included a picture of Trey the day he was born and one from a few weeks ago, so that you can all experience the greatness that is my son!! Yeah Rob and I made that and no it it's not for sale.
Saturday we went over to our friend Nate's house for a BBQ it was a good thing we had something to eat first since Nate's brisket didn't get ready till three AM (some people should leave the meat smoking to the masters, Right Rob). It was a really good time and as always Nate was the man!!

For Trey's first birthday he had a Monster Bash theme party. I know what a lot of you are thinking "Monster bash, he won't even remember his first birthday!" Well haters, here are some useful things about throwing a monster bash theme party, you get to make your friends wear name tags that say monster names (and trust me they are more into it then the kids), you let everyone know what kind of people live in your house (chalk on the sidewalk saying Beware monster's only), and paper monster feet taped to the floor let's everyone know where the bathroom (those are staying, I think they will be useful for the future.)

In conclusion her are a few things I learned from my sons first birthday party:
1. No pinatas ever again (kids are insane and one year old's are scared of dragens, who knew?)
2. Naps are so important before the party starts.
3. When you use Penny's to hold up your pool liner some kid will steal them.
4. This one is the most important, never throw the party at your house that's what grandparents are for!!!
Love ya,

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