Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Im on a Boat!

Sorry this ones late, I forgot to bring my camera to the lake with us so we had to buy a disposal and then wait for the pictures to be developed. let me tell you those things are the worst, sorry about all the fingers in front of the lens.

Last week went by super fast. Friday we had a birthday party for our friends Nancy and Andy, it went really well and everyone had a blast. Something really funny that happened is everyone brought their bathing suits even thought I didn't even tell anyone to, It's official people love our back yard. Sorry there's no pictures, we were having so much fun that I forgot to get out the camera. Our friend Lauren's little sister CC came over and babysat Trey during the party, this is the first time we've used a teenage babysitter so we were a little nervous but she did a great Job. CC was shocked at how much Trey can eat. She came up to Rob and I and asked if it was OK that he had 9 slices of watermelon!! Let me tell you he slept hard that night.

Trey let us sleep in Saturday, which was wonderful!!! when we woke up we drove down to Rob's grandma and grandpas house, Judy even came. Robs sister Kristi has a boat and we wanted to take trey. He's been in the pool but never on a boat so we didn't know how it would go, well he loved it. He went tubing with me and swimming with Rob. It was really fun. Rob kept dipping Trey in the water and calling him, Trey the teabag!

After the lake we went back to Rob's grandma and grandpas house, they have a dance hall on their propriety called the Moon shiners social club and they had a special dance that night. Trey two stepped for a little while but he was pretty tired. After the dance we all went out and watched the fire works. It was a wonderful weekend and I think everyone had a great time.

Rob and I got to go on a date last night, it was so nice it has bee so long since we've been alone! We went and saw Transformers (rob liked it but I just thought it was OK). There will be no blog next week since we will be preparing for Treys 1st birthday but be ready for a big one the week after.
Love ya,

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