Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4Th of July weekend everyone!!! This was a busy week for Rob and I. Tuesday Trey and I went out and watched Rob's softball game and they won, go team Fritz!! Thursday Rob and I went and played co-ed softball with our team and we lost :( but it was still a lot of fun I hit a double and scored two runs for our team! (I'm not very good so this is saying a lot). Judy finished her digital art class this week and .. aced it, go Judy!! Trey also started walking this week, Rob and I are in trouble.
I wanted to include these pictures of Trey. Rob and I have come to realize that hygiene is very important to Trey, maybe too important as you can see below:
The boy loves brushing those two teeth:

He also managed to get into aunt Judy's purse and found some personal items (I am saving these pictures for when he brings his first girlfriend):

Friday night I went out with my girlfriends to dinner and to see the musical Legally Blond, it was really fun and a much needed "night off "(ha, all the moms out there know there's no such thing as a night off). Rob, Josh and Trey had a fun boys night at the house filled with PS3 and Chinese food:

Starlight is an outdoor theater and it started to rain so the girls and I made a hot fashion statement even if rain ponchos aren't in style right now we are bring it back.
I think we look a little like tella tubby's or garden Nome's you decide:
At the end of the day I just wanted to relax with my Hubby and my Snuggy (thanks for the great birthday present Emily) and watch the elimination show of So You Think You Can Dance (love that show)
Snuggys are also great if you are attending an acient druids meeting and a helpful hint if you cant afford one just turn your robe arond and bam instant snuggy!

Saturday was Treys first Forth of July unfortunately Rob had to work at the Leawood fair, so about five Trey I went down there to have fun and support Fritz's, Luckily my Lauren came as well with three of the Kizer clan (there are seven Kids total ages 23-6, they must not have cable). everyone had a blast and and Trey loved being around other kids.

Unfortunately the Kizers had to leave and Trey and I were on our own. Trey got to do sooo much stuff (to bad he's 11 months and won't remember most of it) ride the train, play at the play ground, check out the police van and Fire truck, get a cool spider painting to match his spider 4th of July outfit and dance to the band.

At the end of the night Trey watched the fireworks with daddy unfortunately he did not last to the end.
That's it for now,
Love the Reeves and Judy!

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