Monday, March 8, 2010

Crown center

It's been a super nasty winter but the last few weeks it's actually been sunny. I love it, being couped up in the house has been so frustrating, I've taken every opportunity to get outside I can dog park, playground and the swing outside. It was exciting the other day I looked outside and saw the flower above, yeah! Last Friday Trey and I went to the park he loved the slide.
Here are some Ramdom pictures from the last few weeks of us doing our family things and hanging out with mister!
The picture above it's at my husbands business. On Saturday they had a sandwich making contest and it was on the radio and in the newspaper. Mister and I went down there to support Rob/Daddy, he was super busy but he still found time to give mister a hot dog and compliment him on his fly outfit. Trey was so happy he did a little dance on Robs desk.

Sunday was Rob's Mimi's birthday, we went to the Hyatt for brunch and then to the fairytale exhibit for at Hallmark Crown center. The first time around the exhibit trey was a little nervous and held my hand but by the third time around we were having a hard time finding him.
Happy birthday Mimi! Is it going to bite my hand?
Wow this train is awesome mom!
Hey mom this chair is to big and the other is two small. Was Cinderella taking this carriage through the ghetto? Is that why it has bars? That's all folks!

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